Basin Analysis

Geostatistical Methods for Reservoir Geophysics by Leonardo Azevedo, Amílcar Soares.pdf

Geostatical Reservoire Engineering

Geophysical prospecting

Geophysical Prospecting

Seismic Amplitude An Interpreters Handbook by Simm R., Bacon M.pdf

Seismic Amplitude

Seismic Data Interpretation and Evaluation for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production A Practitioner’s Guide by Niranjan C. Nanda.pdf

Seismic Data Interpretation

Seismic Surveying And Well Logging Oil And Gas Exploration Techniques (Oil and Gas Exploration Techniques,) by S. Boyer (www.alhuqebi.com).pdf

Seismic Survey

Hydraulics of wells design, construction, testing, and maintenance of water well systems by Task Committee on Hydraulics of Wells, Nazeer Ahmed, Stewart W. Taylor, Zhuping Sheng (www.alhuqebi.co).pdf

Hydraulics of Wells

near surface Geophysics

Near-Surface Geophysics

The Handbook of Sidescan Sonar (Springer Praxis Books Geophysical Sciences) by Philippe Blondel.pdf

Sidescan Sonar